Massachusetts: American experts have now developed artificial fish, the meat of which will soon be available to the market.

According to the details, Aqua Bounty, a biotech company based in the US state of Massachusetts, has claimed that artificial salmon will be introduced in the market soon.

The fish, which was developed with the help of genetic modification, is said to further boost the artificial meat market in the United States.

This salmon has been created by combining the genes of different types of salmon, as new methods of genetic editing have emerged, so researchers can now create better genes than ever before. Gene editing has also been developed for cattle that can survive hot weather and are also resistant to viral infections.

The question is, will gene editing be successful? The decision is in the hands of consumers, will they be willing to eat salmon or other meat that is labeled “genetically modified”? The answer to this question will be found only when Aqua Bounty salmon is introduced in the fish market.

According to Aqua Bounty, after 24 years of tireless efforts, their fish will be introduced to the market this month.

So far, no genetically modified animal meat has been approved except for Aqua Bounty salmon, which grow faster than natural fish and take 20 years to be approved. Four more years followed in other legal proceedings.

These products must be labeled “genetically modified,” according to the Food and Drug Administration.

It should be noted that many animals made through genetic modification have been sold in the United States for a long time. Glossy fish called Glofish is easily available from pet stores.

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