US President Joe Biden has withdrawn executive orders by former President Donald Trump seeking to ban popular apps Tik Tok and WeChat.

The White House has said it will review software applications linked to China and address national security concerns.

Tik Tok- WeChat
Donald Trump issued two orders in August last year; PC: Reuters

According to the Associated Press, a new executive order has instructed the US Department of Commerce to evidence-based analysis of lane involvement in apps manufactured or supplied or controlled by China.

Authorities are particularly concerned about apps that collect users’ personal data or engage in Chinese military or intelligence activities.

According to senior executives, the US Department of Commerce will make recommendations for further protection of Americans’ genetic and personal health information and address the risks of some software apps linked to China or other adversaries.

The Biden administration’s move reflects concerns that US citizens’ personal data could be leaked through popular apps linked to China, a key US economic and political rival.

Both the White House and Congress have taken steps to address Beijing’s technological advances.

Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill aimed at promoting the development of US semiconductor manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and other technologies to meet the growing international competition.

Earlier this year, the US administration backed former President Donald Trump’s efforts to ban the popular video app TickTalk and called on the court to adjourn the legal dispute because the US government had begun a comprehensive review of the national security threats posed by Chinese technology companies.

Former US President Donald Trump issued orders to shut down WeChat and Tik Tok in August last year through two separate executive orders.

Donald Trump’s orders suggested that Tik Tok sell its US shares to a US company within 45 days, otherwise, it would be shut down.

Similarly, WeChat was told to sell its US assets to a US technology company within 45 days, otherwise, it would be shut down.

Following the US President’s threat, several US companies had expressed interest in buying US assets for Tik Tok and WeChat, and later Donald Trump gave Chinese companies another 45 days.

It was later reported that the short video sharing application had agreed to work in the United States on a partnership basis with the American company Oracle.

However, the US government announced that WeChat would be closed from September 20 and Tik Tok from November 12.

U.S. officials said Tik Tok could be used with Internet security until November 12 but would be banned after the deadline.

Tik Tok then went to court against US President Donald Trump’s September 19 ban.
According to them, even if this decision is temporary, it can cause irreparable damage to the video-sharing application.

The court later temporarily suspended the White House’s efforts to shut down the app at the request of Tik Tok, and the matter was left in the background due to the presidential election race.

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