SAN FRANCISCO: If you forget the password for something, there are a few opportunities to remember it.

According to international media reports, the software engineer (programmer) from Germany had a problem with forgetting the password, it was not a normal ID but his bitcoin store account.

Stephen Thomas forgot his Bitcoin password. He has  $22 million dollars worth of cryptocurrency in his account, which is worth about Rs. 35.32 billion Pakistani rupees.

Thomas said he paid 7,002 bitcoins for one of his videos, after which he forgot his password.

He mentioned that at the time this happened to him, the price of a BTC was just a few dollars, which has now exceeded  $35,000 per bitcoin.

According to Thomas, the bitcoin password was written on an iron digital wallet, a computer as well as a piece of paper, but all these things are lost.

He said that the user is given 10 opportunities to return the account to the Bitcoin Store, out of which they now have two left because they have entered the wrong password 8 times, even if these two are lost, his money will sink.

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