Experts warn that talking can cause more coronavirus spread than coughing.

Recent scientific research has revealed that in places where poor ventilation is poorly managed, more talk than coughing can lead to the spread of the virus on a large scale. Spreads far and wide.

Recent scientific research has revealed that the places where the air drainage is poorly managed, talking can lead to the spread of the virus on a large scale more than coughing,  with the deadly virus spreading to more than 2 meters per second in places with poor drainage systems.

The research is published in the medical journal Journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A. The experts used a mathematical model to complete the research and tried to examine why and when the virus spreads rapidly within the walls.

According to research, in places where oxygen drainage is not well managed and people do not even wear masks, the virus can spread more through conversation than through coughing.

Experts say that during the conversation, small particles coming out of the mouth are suspended in the air because there is no way out of them, while in case of cough, the particles fall to the ground and fall on large parts.

Research has shown that the particles that come out of a cough come to the ground in 7 minutes and freeze, but the particles that come out of the mouth during a conversation fall to the ground after 30 minutes, but even then a large number of particles remain in the air Are Any kind of mask can be useful in this regard.

If a patient is infected with a virus and they are talking in a wall, the particles that come out can infect people around them. Experts also say that if a corona patient talks for an hour, the chances of the epidemic spreading to others increase by 20%.

The researchers added that it is important to have the best air conditioning system that can significantly reduce the risk of the virus spreading. At some point, if the wind changes 10 times in an hour, positive results will come.

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