WhatsApp, a mobile app owned by Facebook, has announced a controversial privacy policy despite strong criticism.

However, there is now a change in the way WhatsApp users are informed about the new privacy policy.

Note that WhatsApp had postponed the implementation of its new privacy policy until May after severe criticism.

In a recent blog release from WhatsApp, management says the company will enforce its new privacy policy, but now WhatsApp will allow users to read the controversial privacy policy as well as provide additional information to users. The banner will also be displayed.

WhatsApp says the company will begin a series of reminders for users to review and accept updates to continue using the messaging platform.

WhatsApp claims that it has decided to add more information in an effort to allay users’ concerns.

Keep in mind that the announcement of a new privacy policy by WhatsApp before the New Year caused millions of users to download alternative WhatsApp apps.

Under the new privacy policy, WhatsApp can share users’ limited personal information with Facebook and other groups.

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