LONDON – Resistance to code 19 persists for months after people recover from it, British experts say.

Covid 19 Research

According to the international website, British experts have discovered evidence that indicates that patients with mild to moderate illness from code 19 have resistant to the disease for several months.

The study, by Imperial College London, London College University, and Queen Mary University, looked at 136 UK-based health workers who were diagnosed with Mancode and had mild or no symptoms.

The study, published in the medical journal Immunology, found that 89 percent of people had antibodies to the coronavirus after 16 to 18 weeks of illness.

The study also found that most patients had T cells that we’re able to recognize many different parts of the virus. However, they also discovered that some people had T cells immunity but no antibodies, while others saw a reversal.

Researchers say that research on code 19 in medical workers has revealed that even after 4 months of illness, 90% of people still have antibodies that block the virus.

He added that the most encouraging aspect was that 66% of people had high levels of protective antibodies, along with T cells, which respond to different parts of the virus.

Researchers have described it as “promising” and said that if someone is infected with the coronavirus, there is a strong possibility that it will also contain protective elements such as antibodies and T cells, which may be used next time. Provide protection against viruses.

The study found that although the protective antibody response is usually triggered by the T cells response, more than 50% of patients showed different antibody and T cell responses.

The study also found that the response of T cells was better in people with symptoms of code 19, while patients without symptoms showed weaker T cell immunity, but in those who were immune to the virus. Antibody levels were similar in symptomatic patients.

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