SAN FRANCISCO / SYDNEY: Facebook, the world’s largest messaging website, has cut off key services to Australian users.

According to the international media report, users from Australia complained on Thursday morning that they could not share any news or article link on their platform.

Australian users have also complained that they are not able to access any news agency and the pages of any news agency, which is causing them trouble.

It should be noted that the Australian government had recently introduced a law under which Facebook had to pay local organizations to use the content.

Other social media companies, including Facebook, have criticized the law introduced by the Australian government, saying such measures are detrimental to both the company and consumers.

Facebook also threatened to shut down its services in Australia after the government introduced the law, after which the two sides tried to negotiate but the deadlock remained.

It has now been reported that Facebook has banned or withdrawn the facility for Australian users, under which users can no longer share links on Facebook or access any news agency page.

After the ban imposed by the company, Australian users can see the news pages but not the content shared on them. They appear to be blocked.

Australian lawyer Josh Friedenberg says Facebook’s move is unnecessary and wrong, the company is using its power unnecessarily, which will affect its reputation in Australia. “The government is fully committed to implementing its plan,” he said.


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