Facebook’s explanation of WhatsApp and Instagram services failure.

WhatsApp and Instagram were blocked by more than 1 million social media users yesterday, but why did it happen? Facebook has now issued an explanatory statement in this regard.

Facebook explanation of whatsapp and instagram services failure

According to a Facebook spokesperson, the company has solved this technical problem which caused problems to millions of WhatsApp and Instagram users yesterday.

It is believed that the company’s online messaging services WhatsApp and Messenger were affected due to a technical issue under consideration, due to which #whatsappoutage kept trending on Twitter yesterday.

According to a report by DownDector.com, about 20,000 WhatsApp and 1 million Instagram users posted problems on social media sites.

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Yesterday, complaints were received from Facebook Messenger users, including WhatsApp and Instagram users, that they were having difficulty sending and receiving messages.

In this regard, WhatsApp tweeted about the restoration of the service and said that thanks to the suspension of the service for 45 minutes, but now the service has been restored.

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