WhatsApp, a company owned by Facebook, has updated its privacy policy for users, with notifications sent to both Android and iOS mobile users.

The most important thing about this policy is that if the user does not accept the new privacy policy, your access to WhatsApp will be blocked. Yes, The app account will be deleted.

According to the company, the privacy policy will take effect on February 8 next month.

So let us now know what is in this new WhatsApp policy that you must accept in order to access WhatsApp.

Why do you have to accept this policy?

Updating the privacy policy for WhatsApp is nothing new, the policy is regularly updated by software companies, but WhatsApp has asked its users to accept the new policy or have their account deleted. The deadline is February 8.

What’s new and important in the new policy?

WhatsApp has made it clear to users that the user will need some special permissions before using the optional features of WhatsApp, one of which is the feature of sharing location with someone.

The company says that if a user does not have access to location data, they cannot share their location with anyone in contact.

How WhatsApp processes user data, WhatsApp’s new policy includes changes in this regard. WhatsApp’s new policy also explains how businesses use Facebook’s services. Can store and manage WhatsApp chats.

The new policy also explains how WhatsApp integrates with Facebook products by sharing with Facebook.

One of the highlights of WhatsApp’s new policies is its ability to manage user information.

WhatsApp has also updated the details of the user’s connections, in simple terms this point of policy gives the company access to more of your information.

The new policy also adds a new section for transaction and payment data.

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