WASHINGTON – SpaceX spacecraft rockets have passed close to the moon, revealing interesting scenes.

According to the report of the foreign news agency, the rocket passing with the moon in the dark night presented a different scene, the pictures of which came to light.

Yesterday, SpaceX launched 60 more Internet satellites into space via the Falcon Nine rocket. According to SpaceX, Star Link will provide high-speed broadband Internet in these locations, where access is unreliable, extremely expensive, or not fully available.

It should be noted that a rocket sent into space by the space mission SpaceX had crashed during an experimental flight.

SpaceX spacecraft rockets have passed close to the moon

In the US state of Texas, the giant spacecraft began to crash after flying from the launch pad, and fell on the return control glide to Earth, The spacecraft caught fire before falling to the ground, but no one was on board.

Describing the data acquisition as a major success, the space company said the starship rocket would be used in the future to establish human settlements on the moon and Mars.

Remember that the test flight of the starship rocket was estimated to reach an altitude of 41,000 feet, but this experiment was not successful.

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