The US space agency’s NASA reconnaissance mission has finally successfully landed on Mars.

The mission has traveled 239 million miles to reach its destination. This NASA paramedic traveled in space at a speed of 12,000 miles per hour.

The mission landed by parachute, the rear part detached and the sky crane lowered the preservatives attached to the nylon cables, the mission had a difficult phase for 7 minutes before landing on the surface of Mars and the landing signal. It took 11 minutes for NASA to receive it.

As it approached the surface of Mars, the mission had to go through a stormy situation, but it successfully landed at a depth of 820 feet, called Jezero. The mission was sent to that particular location because scientists believe it There was a lake billions of years ago and traces of life will be found in it.

The mission cost $2.2 billion and has been sent for 2 years, with the goal of finding life on Mars.

Perseverance is actually a robot that will look for traces of life on the surface of the astrobiologist and it is the first NASA rover to be sent to Mars, many rovers have been sent to Mars before but it is the most advanced and Can last longer.

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