Microsoft has introduced a new service Windows 365 that will actually give you a cloud service to install the Windows operating system anywhere.

The service, also known as Cloud PC, was announced at the Microsoft Inspire Conference.

Microsoft Introduces Windows 365 Service
PC: Reuters

This is basically an easy-to-use virtual machine that will allow you to install Windows 10 (gradually Windows 11) on any device, be it a Mac system, iPad, or Android tablet.

It is based on Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desk service, which technology enthusiasts use for their virtual computers.

But with this new service, the process of installing Windows will be much simpler, just go to (August 2 when the service will be launched).

Microsoft Windows 365
PC: Microsoft

According to the company, the reason for creating this cloud service was the response from customers who wanted their employees and students to have quick and easy access to computers no matter where they are.

It is not yet known what the service fee will be, however, the company says that the final price will be announced on August 1.

For ordinary users, this service may not be very important, but it will be very important for IT professionals and small businesses, who will be able to easily install Windows.

The idea for the service came before the Corona epidemic, but Microsoft worked on how to make a cloud PC workable last year.

Microsoft expects that Windows 365 technology will be so convenient for small businesses or schools that they won’t need a larger IT department.

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