‘Nosy’, wearable air cleaner you put on your nose, has been obtaining loads of attention as a result of it makes wearers seem like they activated the dog nose filter in real-life.

The only solution to prevent the global pandemic coronavirus is for people to maintain social distance and use face masks at the same time.

Nosy an alternative to face mask
Nosy an alternative to face mask PC: Oddity Central

There have been numerous inventions around the world regarding face masks and in the last few months face masks equipped with the latest technology have been introduced.

Last year, something was invented specifically for airborne particles (particles in the air that are invisible to the naked eye) called ‘Nosy’ the dog nose-like filter.

Before the coronavirus, very few people used face masks, but now it has become an important part of our lives without which we can’t even imagine going out of the house.

The Nosy is an invention that easily fits your nose and has state-of-the-art filters that prevent airborne particles from entering the lungs with inhalation.

“Nosy” was launched in March last year and was due to go on sale in December, but its production was affected by the global epidemic Coronavirus and will now be shipped from April 2021.

Nosy founder Carina Cunha wrote that she expects deliveries to be delayed until April 2021.

There have been mixed reactions from users on social media regarding ‘Nosy’ and it is also being ridiculed.

The company claims that “Nosy” will be extremely helpful in protecting the air from harmful substances, while it is better than all types of face masks.

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