The Ministry of Information Technology has taken an important stand on the issue of change in the privacy policy by WhatsApp.

A statement from the authorities said that the ministry was monitoring the situation and clarifying the situation.

Officials have clarified that the change in WhatsApp privacy is for WhatsApp business accounts, non-business, regular, individual profiles will not be affected by the accounts.

According to officials, social media platforms should take care of the privacy of Pakistani citizens, social media platforms should strengthen ties with the government of Pakistan, and public concerns can be better addressed through contacts.

It is to be noted that WhatsApp is being severely criticized by the users these days for no other reason but the change of privacy policy as the administration has made it clear that the user who does not agree with this policy will resign on February 9. Later the account will be lost ie its number will be blocked.

WhatsApp management, a mobile application used for messaging and internet audio, video calling, has clarified the rumors surrounding the change in the privacy policy.

Now, on Tuesday, WhatsApp issued a statement in response to “some rumors” stating that users’ data is completely secure and their messages will remain encrypted.

Key points of explanation issued by WhatsApp

  • No company, including WhatsApp or Facebook, can access a user’s private messages or calls.
  • WhatsApp will not display the record of who received the message or call from the user.
  • The company explained that WhatsApp and Facebook will not be able to see the user’s shared location and no one will be able to monitor it.
  • The user’s WhatsApp numbers will not be shared with any company, including Facebook.
  • All WhatsApp groups will remain private and no one will be able to access their chat.
  • The user will also have the option to automatically delete the received message, such messages will be automatically deleted from the system after the relevant time.
  • The user will be able to download their data. This will allow them to see what personal information WhatsApp has.

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