Medince for covid 19

LONDON: A drug is being developed in the UK that could protect people close to a COD 19 patient from the disease. People close to the patient are also at higher risk of contracting the virus.

According to international media, scientists in the UK are testing a new drug that will prevent the coronavirus-infected person from developing the disease Code 19, and experts hope that it will save many lives.

This antibody therapy will provide immediate immunity against this epidemic, while it can also be used as an emergency treatment in hospitals.

In homes where a person suffers from Code 19, injecting the drug with their occupants will ensure that they do not become ill.

According to researchers, it can also be used in places where the risk of spreading the virus is high.

Dr Catherine Hollian, a virologist at London College University Hospital, who is leading the research team on the drug, said: “If we are able to prove that this treatment is effective and prevent cod 19 in people who carry the virus. Maybe, then it will be a great weapon in the fight against this deadly virus.

The drug is being developed by London College University Hospital and the Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which has previously worked on the Oxford University Code 19 vaccine.

The research team hopes that the drug, based on a combination of antibodies, will protect people for 19 to 6 to 12 months.

The trial participants are being given 2 doses of this drug and if approved, it will be used by people who have met someone who has been infected with Code 19 in the last 8 days.

Researchers expect that the study will be able to obtain regulatory approval after reviewing the evidence and that it will be widely available by March or April.

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