SAN FRANCISCO: WhatsApp, the largest mobile messaging app, has come under fire these days due to a change in the privacy policy.

WhatsApp recently sent a message to all users regarding the privacy policy with which users had to agree. The company said users who do not agree to the new privacy policy will have their number blocked after February 9.

Users have expressed serious concerns over WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, as the company will now share all-important user data with Facebook and other third parties.

WhatsApp uses this policy to ask the user to provide their chats, calls, Wi-Fi and other numbers connected to it, purchase and sale and other information to Facebook or any third party.

WhatsApp has been widely criticized for providing data from users, while more than two billion people have now started downloading applications called Telegram and Signal as alternatives.

Technology monitoring websites report that download rates for telegrams and signals have risen sharply over the past two days.

Will Cathcart, now head of WhatsApp, explained the new policy after users criticized it, assuring them that they would not be affected by the new policy and that their data would not be shared with anyone.

He gave an explanation in his detailed statement on Twitter, which was also retweeted by WhatsApp.

The head of WhatsApp wrote: “After end-to-end encryption, neither we nor Facebook can see the record of your private messages or calls. These steps were taken to improve the delivery of technology and to defend it globally. Are ‘.

He added a link to WhatsApp security in a tweet explaining the privacy policy in detail.

The policy was created in October 2020, followed by WhatsApp. E-commerce was also included.

The WhatsApp chief wrote: “Not everyone knows how common WhatsApp messages are for businesses in many countries. More than 170 million users send messages to a single business account every day, while many users want to do so.”

No one else should be able to see their chats, some people including some governments do not agree with this policy.

Keep in mind that WhatsApp’s new policy notifications have now reached billions of users around the world.


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