SAN FRANCISCO – WhatsApp, the popular social networking site, has been forced to its knees following public criticism, and data sharing with Facebook has been postponed for three months.

According to international media reports, WhatsApp issued an important statement regarding its controversial privacy policy, saying that the change in data sharing policy has been delayed for three months.

In a tweet, Whatsapp thanked its users for contacting them and showing their concerns. Whatsapp said that they’ll resolve ‘misunderstandings’ directly by contacting their users. We’ll not terminate or suspend any account on February 8, we will resubmit our business plan in May.

In another tweet, they wrote that we will give users a fair amount of time knowing and reviewing our terms, and we assure you not to delete any account.

It should be noted that WhatsApp has been severely criticized by users in recent days for no other reason than the change in the privacy policy because the administration mentioned that by not accepting the new policy user account will be blocked after February 8.

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