Specialists found the first signs of corona in patients

The sickness caused by the worldwide corona epidemic has totally different symptoms of covid-19 in patients and also the issue has been sophisticated on that symptom can seem 1st in patients.

covid symptoms

In this regard, a study was conducted in the United States in which experts claim that they have succeeded in finding early signs of corona in patients. The study, from the Indiana University School of Medicine, looked at the symptoms patients experienced in the early days.

The researchers said that during the research, we found that the symptoms that were considered to be the initial signs of corona do not appear at the beginning, fever and chills are considered to be common symptoms of corona, but poor signs for early disease. Yes, they do not usually appear first.

In this study, 3,905 covid-19 patients were part of a survey and they were asked about the symptoms, the duration of the severity of the symptoms, the effects of covid-19 on physical and mental health, medical history, first Was asked about diseases and treatments etc.

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After the researchers answered the questions, they examined the data and estimated when each symptom would appear within 10 days. The results showed that 38.7% of those in the study had a fever at some point during the code period. Or have symptoms such as a cold.

While only 7.66% described these symptoms as symptoms that appear in the first 10 days. Experts say there is not a single symptom of corona that is very common, while some symptoms do not even help identify the disease.

However, the most prominent symptoms in the first 10 days were fatigue, with the most common symptom being fatigue in the first 10 days, which was experienced by 14.44% of patients, followed by headache in 9.48% and cough in 10.65%. ۔ 8.73% of people experienced symptoms of difficulty breathing.

Similarly, 8.02% of people lost their physical health after contracting corona. The rate of fever or cold was 7.66%, while the change in sneezing was reported by 7.71%.

While 6.63% experienced abdominal pain during the first 10 days and 7.14% experienced cholera, 6.61 people complained of not being able to concentrate. Pain in the body or muscles occurred in 6.33% of people.

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