The trend of e-games is on the rise in Pakistan but unfortunately, there is a negative perception in the society regarding video games that these games are harmful to the development of children and their mental health when in fact it is not.

Govt appreciation of video games industry

The video gaming industry in Pakistan has not received much attention in the past, but now the PTI government is preparing to promote the video game industry along with other industries.

In this regard, Federal Minister for Energy Fawad Chaudhry had said in his Twitter message yesterday that we have created a platform for e-gaming, now you can join this $90 billion industry.

It should be noted that the huge investment of the gaming industry is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and entertainment, more than 2 billion people around the world enjoy games on computers, mobiles, and other gadgets.

Talking to a media channel, psychologist Fatima Karim said that playing games are not a bad thing, there are different types of games. Parents should keep an eye on what kind of game their child is playing. But violent games are harmful to both children and adults.

Speaking on the program, game developer Farhan Aqeel said that in general, parents do not want their child to play games that have a negative effect on their behavior, but there is another side to it that if parents Understanding what the market for these games is or what benefits can be gained by learning them may make things better.

In Pakistan, young people do not like to play video games. A few years ago, when computers were not common in every home, youngsters were not well-liked to play video games in the markets and their parents wanted them to. That their child should stay away from such places.

There were many reasons for parents to stop their children from playing video games and most of them were justified but unfortunately, this caused a negative image in society regarding video games.

While experts say that spending hours on these games is detrimental to mental and physical health, there is also the view that video games are not a bad thing, but excessive use of video games is a bad thing.

Interestingly, according to various authoritative studies, the proper use of video games is beneficial in brain development.

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