Experts have developed a device with the help of modern technology that will help diagnose the virus at an early stage, which will make it easier to corona.

At the CES Technology Exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, a device called ‘Bio button’ was unveiled, which will help diagnose the virus in patients from the very beginning. The device, which is very small in terms of its size, can be affixed to the chest like a sticker.

The device was developed by a company called BioIntelliSense. Once worn on the chest, the device will continuously monitor the wearer’s heart rate, body temperature, physical activity, sleep, and respiratory rate.

PC: Bio IntelliSense

In a few days, the device will collect data related to the citizen, and then the data will come in handy for the diagnosis of other diseases, including corona symptoms. This device has been developed by BioIntelliSense in collaboration with the American College of Cardiology.

In May of this year, the American College of Cardiology staff will also be screened using the same device. These will be people who will undergo coronary vaccination. The company says the device can be used to secure other locations, including offices.

However, the bio-button is still undergoing research and will soon be available for use.

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