ANKARA: Turkish scientists have discovered a new method of corona test that can be used to diagnose the virus in just 10 seconds.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, Turkish scientists have claimed that with the help of nanotechnology, it will be possible to diagnose the corona virus in just 10 seconds.

Turkish scientists say that in this test of nanotechnology, the result of Corona comes in just 10 seconds and its accuracy rate is 99%.

Nanotechnology is a diagnostic kit used to detect the corona virus that will be used to detect corona, according to researchers at the University of Bulkent.

Ali Ayatak Seyman, a researcher at the National Nanotechnology Research Center (UNAM), said the presence of pathogens would be detected with high accuracy by obtaining fluorescent signals.

The scientists said that the margin of error in the PCR test results is very high and it takes two to three days for the result to come.

Researchers say approval from Turkish authorities will be sought for large-scale production of kits within the next two months, and hope the technology will replace the PCR test.

It should be noted that 239 people have died from corona in Turkey in the last 24 hours while the death toll from the epidemic has reached 20,881.

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