KARACHI: Ahmed Mujtaba, who recently defeated his Indian rival in a mixed martial arts competition, has received a warm welcome on his arrival in Pakistan.

According to details, MMA player Ahmed Mujtaba, who defeated his Indian rival in Singapore last night, returned home and was greeted by a large number of PTI assembly members and citizens at Karachi Airport.

As soon as Ahmed Mujtaba came out of the lounge, he was greeted by PTI MPA Raja Azhar and others. On this occasion, the citizens greeted him with slogans of Takbir and Pakistan Zindabad and laid wreaths on him.

Later, Ahmed Mujtaba thanked the citizens and PTI leaders for the warm welcome.

It may be recalled that on Kashmir Day, Ahmed Mujtaba had beaten Indian rival, Rahul Raju, in just 56 seconds in a match held in Singapore. Before the match, Ahmed Mujtaba had promised that he would do his best to defeat the Indian player in the match on Kashmir Solidarity Day and then name the victory to the Kashmiri people.

Indian player Rahul alias Kerala Krusher said that he was surprised that Ahmed Mujtaba defeated him within a minute.

It may be recalled that Ahmed Mujtaba has won 3 international fights so far, while speaking of his overall career, he participated in ten competitions out of which he won 8.

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