Pakistani boxer Muhammad Waseem chose Dr. Tabinda of Karachi as his life partner.

Boxer Muhammad Waseem, who knocked out opposing boxers in the boxing ring, has tied the knot. Muhammad Waseem and Dr. Tabinda got married on Friday, February 26, while a simple wedding ceremony has also been arranged.

Muhammad Waseem's Nikah Ceremony

Muhammad Wasim’s marriage ceremony was simply held in Karachi and was attended by his close relatives and friends.

Muhammad Waseem will bring the bride home on Saturday. On Barat, he will wear Sherwani designed by famous designer Ismail Farid. The gold buttons are attached to the coat design sherwani.

Tabinda Tamsil, the wife of a professional boxer, is a doctor by profession.

The Waleema will also be held in Karachi on March 1.

Boxer Muhammad Waseem won the WBC Middle East title in his first-ever Boxing Professional Fight at Governor House Lahore.

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