With the financial support of American TV star, model, and millionaire businesswoman Kim Kardashian and others, Afghanistan’s young women’s soccer team moved to Britain from Pakistan with their families.

According to the news agency ‘Reuters‘, after the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban, the young women’s football team had moved to Pakistan and from there it moved to the United Kingdom on November 18.

Kim Kardashian
Soccer players fly to the UK via Kim Kardashian’s plane — File Photo: Reuters

The report states that Kim Kardashian, a Jewish scholar from New York City and head of the British football club Leeds, made arrangements to relocate 130 members of the team from Pakistan to the UK, including the football team players and their families.

In this regard, the Associated Press (AP) reported that all the players, their families, and other members of the team were moved from Pakistan to the United Kingdom by a special plane owned by Kim Kardashian.

The report states that all 130 members were assisted in obtaining visas and other travel documents by American Jewish scholar and businessman Moshe Margaretten and his social organization.

Afghan Women's Soccer team
Most players on the team are likely to play for Leeds; file photo: Reuters

Likewise, the English Premier League (EPL) football team ‘Leeds’ will provide support to all football girls.

According to the report, all those arriving in the UK from Pakistan will be in quarantine for 10 days from November 18, after which they will be able to lead a normal life.

After the quarantine is over, young girls are likely to be seen playing football on the field, while arrangements for permanent accommodation for all are likely to be made with the help of social organizations.


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