SYDNEY: The Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC) has begun preparations to ban fast bowlers’ powerful weapon bouncers.

According to details, the Melbourne Cricket Club has started consultations to impose a complete ban on the fast bowler’s strongest weapon bouncer.

According to the MCC, batsmen are likely to be injured due to short balls, and talks to ban bouncers are still in the early stages.

Injury specialist Michael Turner, on the other hand, says cricket authorities should consider banning bouncers in junior cricket to reduce the risk of injuries to players.

According to the report, cricket legislators and the MCC have started a consultation process to discuss changes to the rules for short-ball or bouncers to prevent batsmen from getting injured.

Former Australian batsman Philip Hughes died in 2014 after being hit on the head by a bouncer. A proposal to ban the bouncer was also rejected at that time.

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