Karachi: National team all-rounder Shoaib Malik said that an incident related to South African league spinner Imran Tahir is very funny to me.

Shoaib Malik said, “Imran Tahir has played for the national team in Pakistan U-19 and A team. We were on a tour of South Africa in 1997. Imran Tahir and I were very hungry and we went to eat.”

“Imran Tahir had a nail cutter in his hand. He was putting nail cutters in different vehicles, and we were forbidding him not to do so. This is South Africa, they will catch you but he kept on joking,” he said.

Shoaib Malik said, “Imran Tahir was left behind doing his fun and we went ahead. At that moment, a voice came from behind. By Allah, forgive me. We turned around and saw a man with a crutch hitting him.”

He said, “We went back and rescued him. The driver was thinking that maybe he was stealing something. We then explained to this person so he left Imran Tahir.”

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