LAHORE: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has demanded a written assurance of security from India.

According to details, Chairman PCB Ehsan Mani while talking to media today said that India should ensure visas and security for cricketers, officials, and spectators.

Ehsan Mani said that if no assurance is given, we will demand a change of the World Cup venue. We have asked the ICC to take a written guarantee from India.

The chairman of the cricket board said that India was supposed to inform the ICC in this regard in December, but it has not been informed yet. If no guarantee is given, it will be called T20 World Cup in UAE.

The PCB chairman said, “My term is coming to an end in September. If I am asked to continue my work, I will see. Wasim Khan is doing important work. I want him to get a three-year extension.”

Regarding the PSL anthem, he said that it has been prepared in consultation with everyone, there are very few people who did not like the PSL anthem.


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