The bodies of Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara and his fellow Icelanders John Snorri and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr, who went missing during the K-2 skiing expedition, were found 400 meters from the world’s second-highest peak, five months later.

Alpine Club of Pakistan Secretary Qarar Hussain Haideri said in a statement that it was very difficult to bring the bodies at this time due to the height, but Army Aviation was helping in this regard.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara
Muhammad Ali Sadpara and his fellow climbers went missing in K2 in February this year. — PC: Elia Saikaly

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He said that the body of John Asnori would be transferred to Iceland at the request of his wife Lena. Pablo Moher’s sister and mother had already decided that his body would be sent to Chile.

Earlier, Gilgit-Baltistan Tourism Minister Raja Nasir had said that the bodies of Muhammad Ali Sadpara and a fellow climber had been found.

He said that Muhammad Ali Sadpara has been identified but his fellow climber has not been identified.

He said that Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s son has reached K-2 Camp Four and efforts are being made to contact him as Sajid Sadpara has gone to K-2 on a mission to bring his father’s dead body.

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Raja Nasir had said that bodies would be obtained after contacting Sajid Sadpara while arrangements would also be made to transfer the bodies.

Gilgit-Baltistan Information Minister Fatehullah Khan told private TV Geo that a body, identified as John Snorri, was found in the morning at 9 a.m. due to yellow and black clothing. He was dressed in the same color during the campaign.

He said the second body was found at 12:00 p.m noon but did not give details about the third body.

Fatehullah Khan told that all the bodies were 400 meters away from K2’s Bottleneck.

He said the three bodies were found by a search team led by Sajid Sadpara, son of Ali Sadpara, who included Canadian filmmaker Elia Saikaly and Pasang Kaji Sherpa.

The provincial minister said that excavation work is underway to reach the bodies and army aviation has been prepared, both the army and the government are on alert and will be notified as soon as they reach the bodies.

Referring to the identification of the bodies, he said that the Army focal person informed the government that the body wrapped in yellow and black clothes belonged to John Snorri.

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He said that Sajid Sadpara would be the reliable person for the dismemberment of the bodies as he was with the three climbers when the K-2 heading campaign was launched on February 5.

He said that Sajid Sadpara, Saikaly, and Kaji Sherpa were engaged in the excavation process and were in touch with military officials and focal persons through Thuraya satellite telephone sets.

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It may be recalled that in February this year, while trying to climb the world’s second-highest and Pakistan’s highest peak K-2 (8,611 meters high), Muhammad Ali Sadda Para and his two foreign colleagues John Snorri and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr embarked on his journey from Base Camp III to the summit on the night between February 4 and 5.

The three climbers involved in the winter K-2 summit lost contact with the base camp on the night of February 5 and have since disappeared.

Muhammad Ali Sadpara’s son Sajid Ali Sadpara was also part of his team but he was with the three climbers who went missing till ‘Bottle Neck’ (the most dangerous place in K2 where many fatal accidents have taken place) but due to the oxygen regulator problems he left the campaign unfinished and returned to Base Camp 3.

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Later on February 18, the deaths of the three missing climbers, Muhammad Ali Sadpara, John Snorri, and Juhan Pablo Mohr, were officially confirmed.

Gilgit-Baltistan Tourism Minister Raja Nasir Ali Khan confirmed the death of the missing climbers at a press conference with Sajid Sadpara, son of Muhammad Ali Sadpara, and the families of other climbers.

Sajid Sadpara had said that he and many other international climbers are convinced that the accident happened on their way back after climbing K2 and it was not possible to survive for more than a few hours at the height at which the possible accident took place.

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