KARACHI: Master Rashid Naseem, who holds more than 60 world records, has set another record in his name, as well as the award for missing mountaineer Ali Sadpara.

Rashid Naseem is a famous martial arts master of Pakistan and has recorded several records in the Guinness Book of World Records in the name of Pakistan. He has more than 60 world records and he is also credited for breaking more than 15 Indian records.

This time, he did not spare even China by putting two world records in Pakistan’s account at the same time and has deprived China of a world record. The competition was to remove the card stuck between the bottles with the help of Nunchucks.

Pakistan’s Rashid Naseem managed to pull out 19 cards in one minute. Earlier, Chinese athlete Xi Dashing pulled out 14 cards from the middle of the bottle, while Rashid Naseem made the same record of 12 cards in 2012. Master Rashid Naseem has named this world record after mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara. Ali Sadpara went missing on February 4 after capturing the highest peak of KT.

Master Rashid Naseem snatched another record from Slovakia and put it in the swing of Pakistan. Paul Trosov of Slovakia hit 334 full extension punches in 1 minute which was smashed by Master Rashid Naseem today. Rashid Naseem hit 378 punches in one minute. The Slovak athlete set a record in November last year.

Muhammad Rashid Naseem owns the Martial Arts Academy in Karachi.

Remember that so far more than 120 million copies of Guinness World Records have been sold worldwide, a new edition of this book is published every year, which records a new record set in the previous year.

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