The International Cricket Council (ICC) has banned UAE cricketers including former captain Mohammad Naveed and his teammate Shaiman Anwar Butt from playing any form of cricket for eight years for violating anti-corruption laws.

These players were temporarily suspended during the ICCT20 World Cup qualifiers on 16 October 2019 and their ban will take effect from that date.

UAE Captain banned for 8 years

After a full hearing of the case, both the players were found guilty of violating Articles 2.1.1 and 2.4.4 of the Anti-Corruption Code.

Both are accused of trying to influence the outcome of the T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 match through misconduct and failing to inform the Anti-Corruption Unit when contacted by corrupt elements.

Naveed was also found guilty of violating the anti-corruption unit of the Emirates Cricket Board in the T10 League 2019.

ICC General Manager Alex Marshall said Naveed and Shaiman represented the UAE in top-level cricket.

He said Naveed was the captain and the highest wicket-taker while Shaiman was the opening batsman, both have a long international career and were at risk of being approached by match-fixers, both of them misused their position by engaging in corrupt activities.

“I am satisfied that the independent tribunal has effectively banned them in all forms of cricket and this is a warning to all players who intend to go astray,” said Alex Marshall.

Former UAE captain Mohammad Naveed has the honor of representing his country in 39 ODIs and 31 T20s, while Sheiman Anwar, 42, has represented the UAE in 40 ODIs and 32 T20s.


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