KARACHI: Former Pakistan cricket captain Shoaib Malik has told about his first meeting with his wife Sania Mirza. He said that he first met Sania in 2003.

In an interview on a local media channel, former captain Shoaib Malik shared some memories of the past.

Shoaib Malik said that his first meeting with Sania Mirza was in Australia where he was introduced by some media friends.

Shoaib Malik said that seven years later, in 2010, our second meeting took place in Hobart, Australia and we got married only four months later.

It is to be noted that Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza were married on April 12, 2010. They were married in Hyderabad, India while their fiance was married in Sialkot, a suburb of Shoaib Malik.

They had a son named Azhan Mirza Malik in October last year and now their son is two years old.

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