Mayor of London Sadiq Khan described the situation as “worrying” due to the rapid spread of Corona.

The mayor of London said in a statement that the spread of the coronavirus was spiraling out of control and that there would be a shortage of hospital beds in the next few weeks.

The mayor of London said that if the spread of the virus was not controlled, there was a risk of large-scale deaths, with more than 50,000 new cases emerging every day.

He said 35 percent more patients were in hospitals than in the first wave of the virus, with one in 30 people in London being infected with the coronavirus.

On the other hand, the United Kingdom has approved another corona vaccine, the British regulatory authority has passed the modern vaccine.

The United Kingdom has already approved Pfizer and Oxford coronaviruses, the UK has pre-ordered 17 million vaccines and another 10 million will be ordered in the second batch.

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