Srinagar: A fake encounter has been revealed by the Indian Army in occupied Kashmir.

According to the details, the Indian Army in occupied Kashmir admitted the death of a civilian in a fake encounter. The Indian Army started declaring freedom fighters by tying weapons on the bodies of Kashmiris.

According to the report of the Occupied Kashmir Police, three laborers were killed in a fake encounter in July and their weapons were tied to their bodies. A murder case has been registered against Indian Captain Bhupinder Singh and his two accomplices.

Occupied Kashmir Police say that Captain Bhupinder Singh killed Kashmiri workers and declared them freedom fighters. A month later, the family in Rajouri identified the workers through pictures on social media.

The family told police that the three had gone to work in apple orchards and were killed by Indian forces.

According to the police report, DNA tests were carried out after exhumation in September after public protests. In addition, three Kashmiris were martyred in a fake encounter near LOC in Kupwara.

It should be noted that hundreds of Kashmiris have been martyred in fake encounters in Occupied Kashmir in the past as well. Fake encounters, extrajudicial killings, illegal detentions have become the bane of the occupying army.

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