Idlib: A young girl from the war-torn country of Syria shook the world.

According to the international media report, a picture of a young and frightened girl from the war-torn region of Syria was shared, which went viral as soon as seen.

It so happened that when the cameraman reached in front of the girl with the camera, she started crying and raised her hand.

The Red Cross photographer said that when he arrived to take pictures of the besieged refugee camps, the young girl there thought the camera in her hand was a weapon.

The girl said something to the photographer in her own language and then raised both hands and started crying. When the photographer shared this photo on the internet, the viewers were heartbroken.

According to the report, the four-year-old girl is living with her parents in a refugee camp.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that a picture of a child from Syria has come to light for the first time, but there have been several such pictures that have shaken the world.

A few years ago, a photo of Allen’s body lying on a Greek beach caused a stir around the world, after that this image led to an increase in government action and donations to charities that help immigrants.

Abdullah Kurd moved to Kobani, a town on the Syrian-Turkish border, after the tragedy, where he married a woman named Faiz two years ago. On social media, Abdullah Kurdi, 45, shared a photo of himself holding his newborn son in his arms, followed by a photo of his three-year-old son, Allen, who drowned at sea.

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