Home World A historic decision by Saudi Arabia and its allies regarding Qatar

A historic decision by Saudi Arabia and its allies regarding Qatar

Suadi Qatar alliance

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia and its allies have restored full diplomatic relations with Qatar.


According to Arab media reports, an important conference of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) was held yesterday under the chairmanship of Saudi Crown Prince and Defense Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman, during which a historic decision was taken to restore diplomatic relations with Qatar. He welcomed the end of the Gulf crisis.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman says that we have restored relations with Qatar, including the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Bahrain, during which moral points will be settled, we must trust each other, the countries of the agreement. Will bring stability in between.

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Prince Faisal bin Fahral has said that we have turned the page of the past, important decisions were taken in the GCC meeting which will make the relations between the Gulf countries pleasant.

He said that we have succeeded in resolving the differences, Qatar also played an important role in this, one point is that all parties will fully cooperate in the fight against terrorism, a new chapter in the future of the region will begin.

It may be recalled that ethical points were decided with reference to the GCC meeting held yesterday and a declaration was also issued regarding the unanimously ratified Al-Alaa Agreement. In this regard, Prince Faisal further said that the declaration has emphasized deepening relations between the GCC countries, good results will come in the future.

Meanwhile, OIC Secretary-General Nayef Al-Hujraf said, “We have started the process of taking the GCC caravan to the heights. It has been decided in the statement that no one will be harmed.”

In a statement, the two sides pledged to bring the pre-arranged economic plans to a logical conclusion.


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