KABUL: Journalist Rehmatullah Nekzad was shot dead in the Afghan province of Ghazni.

According to a report of a foreign news agency, a journalist Rehmatullah Nekzad was shot dead with a silenced pistol near his house in Ghazni province of Afghanistan.

Rehmatullah Nekzad was the head of the provincial journalists’ union, affiliated with the Associated Press.

Ghazni police said that Rehmatullah Nekzad was shot dead in front of his house. Evidence has been collected from the spot and an investigation into the incident is underway.
The Taliban has denied involvement in the attack on a Ghazni journalist.

According to Afghan media, five journalists have been killed in the country in the last two months, including Fardin Amini, Yamasiaush, Elias Dai, and Malala Maiwand.

According to the report, journalists had recently demanded the government to investigate the recent attacks that killed several journalists in the country.

Journalists said that the lack of progress in the investigation into the attacks on media workers would severely damage the freedom of the press.

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