Experts had not yet dealt with the true nature of the Corona epidemic, and now new strains have begun to emerge.

New type of corona in africa

Experts believe the new strain found in South Africa may be more resistant to existing vaccines. Whether or not the current vaccine will affect the new type of coronavirus after this situation is an important question. However, many scientists are against it.

Professor Shabbir Mehdi, who led trials of the cod vaccine developed by Oxford University in South Africa, said: “We are concerned that the new type of corona in South Africa will resist the existing vaccine, but that the existing vaccine is ineffective.” If so, it would be wrong.

British experts and the government have also expressed concern that the new type of vaccine will not be effective. Recently, the British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that he was very worried about the new type, in view of which the travel ban has been imposed on South Africa.

He said the first cases of this new type have been reported in the UK, but experts are investigating, with a final report likely to come soon.

According to scientists, the new strain has undergone more mutations than the strain discovered in the UK, which could also target antibodies that fight the epidemic.

Meanwhile, Helen Reese, a vaccine specialist at the University of Wisconsin in South Africa, explains that the new type of vaccine could be modified, given that the new strain is not more contagious than the one discovered in the UK because no such evidence has been found. That is proof of his death.

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