Anti-Pakistan propaganda has become so pervasive in Indian society that even if a pigeon flies across the border from Pakistan, it is portrayed by the Indian media as a spy.

But this time, not a dove, but a plane-shaped balloon with PIA written on it became a symbol of fear for the Indian police and media.

PIA plane-shaped balloon

According to a tweet on social media by an Indian news agency, a plane-shaped balloon with PIA written on it fell in Sutra Chak village of Hira Nagar sector of Kathua district of occupied Jammu yesterday.

According to Jammu and Kashmir Police, the aircraft-like balloon has been taken into custody.

On the other hand, an interesting situation is being witnessed on social media in this regard and many people are making fun of it.

ANI Tweet on PIA plane-shaped balloon

An Indian user named Vinod wrote that despite the joke, didn’t our radar see the balloon and if it did, why didn’t it kill it, why did it let it land?

Another user wrote that it (balloons) should be kept in the museum and its name should be ‘Pakistan Aviation Technology 2021’.

ANI Tweet on PIA plane-shaped balloon

A user named Meenal wrote in a tweet with the hashtag ‘Free Pakistan Balloon’ that this is an attack on democracy and freedom of movement. Oh my God, I’m shaken, India is scared of only 21-inch balloons.

Meenal also added the hashtag ‘Balloon Live Meters’ and wrote that Modi should resign.

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