The attacks targeted security personnel guarding the dam and a university bus

KABUL: In two separate incidents in Afghanistan, the Taliban attacked and killed five people, including three security personnel.

Afghanistan Security forces
PC: Express News

According to Afghan media, armed men opened fire on security personnel guarding the dam in Herat province, killing three and injuring four. According to officials, the attack was carried out by the Taliban, but the Taliban didn’t claim responsibility for the attack.

On the other hand, according to the spokesman of the provincial governor, the security forces chased the attackers and as a result of the encounter 5 Taliban were killed, all of them were involved in the attack on the dam.

The second incident took place in Baghlan province where a bus driver, including a student, was killed and six others were injured in a firing incident on a university bus. Twenty-five people, including a lecturer and a student, were on board the bus. Police officials have blamed the Taliban for the attack.

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