LONDON: A British Muslim woman walks around with her heart bag. Salwa Hussain, 39, underwent an operation about three years ago to replace her broken heart with an artificial heart in the bag.

According to the details, 39-year-old Salwa Hussain, a mother of two, had a heart attack in 2017. She was alone at home but dared to drive herself 200 meters away to her family doctor, from where she was shifted to the hospital.

The hospital revealed that the patient’s heart had failed and he would have to have an artificial heart. Doctors later operated on him for six hours, removing his heart and implanting an artificial pumping system, which was placed in a bag.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Salwa Hussain’s bag has two batteries that power his body’s blood-pumping motor, The two large plastic tubes that come out of the bag reach the breast through the inside of her navel.

In addition, Salwa has a standby unit in the second bag so that if the first one suddenly stops working due to a malfunction, it can be replaced with another unit immediately.

The equipment inside the bag weighs about 7 kg. Salwa Hussain has an artificial heart made in the chest of an American company which cost 86 thousand pounds at that time.

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