Tripoli: The United Nations has made a historic decision to end decades of chaos, violence, and conflict in Libya.

According to Sky News, the acting UN envoy to Libya, Stephanie Williams, has announced the formation of a new interim government.

According to the report, four groups were in the field for the candidates of the new government in Libya. All the candidates of the interim government failed to get the required votes in the first round. The second round of voting took place in Geneva on Friday. The majority of the votes were cast in the by-elections, where 39 out of 74 votes went to them and the President and Prime Minister were elected.

According to Sky News, the acting UN envoy to Libya, commenting on the voting results, said that the international community would support the election results and keep an eye on the electorate, a vote of confidence in the new government within 21 days. Failure to do so will result in forum members deciding what to do next.

Stephanie Williams said the new government would have to abide by the ceasefire agreement, including talented people representing the people in the new government, work for social justice, adhere to the roadmap, and set Elections will have to be held on time.

Asked about Libya’s economic situation, the acting UN envoy to Libya said the new government would have to deal with difficult economic conditions.

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