Brussels: The European Union (EU) has offered Brexit to use a €5 billion fund to deal with possible negative effects on member states’ economies.

EU offers Brexit 5 bn Euros

In this regard, a fund will be set up to fight against the negative economic and social progress of the UK’s secession from the Union.

The European Commission has announced a proposal to set up the Bridget Harmony Fund, which would set up a fund to fight economic and social negative developments following the UK’s secession from the EU.

A total of €5 billion will be transferred to the resource fund, which will provide financial assistance to the member states and related sectors most affected by Brexit.

The approval of EU member states and the European Parliament is a prerequisite for the implementation of this fund offer.

In a referendum held in June 2016 in Great Britain, consisting of the United Kingdom, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, Brexit was elected with 52% of the vote.

The two sides have also agreed on an agreement to continue trade activities without customs tax and quota from January 1.

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