LOS ANGELES: Legendary Hollywood actor and filmmaker Arnold Schwarzenegger has called US President Donald Trump the worst president in the country’s history.

According to the details, in his video statement released on the social networking website Twitter, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that the American president failed miserably. He strongly criticized the incident that took place on Capitol Hill on January 7.

He likened the incident to the one in Germany in 1938, where the Nazis raided Jewish homes, schools, and businesses in Germany and Austria in 1938.

The actor said that the angry mob not only broke the windows of Capitol Hill but also our ideology, they broke the principles on which our country was founded. In his video statement, Arnold Schwarzenegger compared the American right-wing extremist group to the Nazis.

Criticizing Trump, he said that the US president wanted to change the outcome of the election, through his statements he sparked a revolt and angry mobs took to the streets.

Arnold Schwarzenegger called for national unity and pledged support for President-elect Joe Biden.

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