DHAKA: The mysterious death of a bridegroom a few hours before the wedding in Bangladesh has shocked the heart, the body of a young man was found near the railway line, police have launched an investigation.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the tragic incident took place in Dinajpur district of Bangladesh where preparations were underway for a wedding at a house in Islampur area but unfortunately the groom was killed before the marriage, police said. The search for the killer began.

According to the report, the body of the groom was found near the railway line. An unidentified citizen called the father of the boy and informed him about the death of his son and informed him to come and take the body.

Police say that in the evening, the boys were decorating the car with flowers to go from one neighborhood to another, where the marriage was to take place, but before that the bridegroom was killed.

In this regard, the police also said that the body of the youth was found addicted to bile in the blood. After the incident, the family members of the youth and the family members of the girl are being questioned.

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