Following Britain’s formal secession from the European Union, the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his intention to become a French citizen.

With the start of the new year, Britain formally seceded from the European Union, ending all previous benefits for British citizens and ushering in a new treaty between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

On the other hand, after the secession from the European Union, Stanley Patrick Johnson, the father of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has announced to take French citizenship. He says he will get French citizenship because of his strong family ties to France.

According to media reports, Stanley Patrick Johnson has also been a member of the European Parliament and voted against secession from the European Union, while becoming a British citizen with dual citizenship after his application for citizenship was approved by France.

In this way, they will be part of the European Union and will have all the facilities that any British citizen used to have.

Stanley Patrick Johnson added: “I will always be European. In fact, my mother was born in France, so I’m not doing anything new. I’m trying to get what I already have, while no one can tell a British citizen that you are not European.”

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