Washington: A man has been arrested for stealing the podium of Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a raid on the US Parliament.

Adam Johnson, 36, has been arrested by federal marshals in Florida and is being held in Pinellas Country Prison. Adam Johnson, a psychology graduate, works with wooden furniture.

During the attack on Capitol Hill, a picture of Adam Johnson holding a podium in the office of US Speaker Nancy Pelosi and smiling went viral.

According to the international magazine, Johnson is the father of five children and his wife is a doctor. Adam Johnson has previously been charged with possession of marijuana and violation of probation charges.

President Trump’s supporters stormed Capitol Hill in the US capital, Washington, on Wednesday, delaying the process of ratifying President Biden’s election for six hours.

However, after hours of rioting, police took control of the Capitol Hill building and its surroundings, and after hours of operations, Joe Biden’s victory was formally confirmed by the US Congress.

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