British network hacking into US celebrities’ mobile phones The two countries’ intelligence agencies arrested the hackers after receiving lengthy surveillance and evidence.

According to the American media, the mobile phones of important personalities, sports stars, and musicians associated with showbiz have been hacked and their personal information has been stolen and the group that robbed them through financial transactions has been traced.

The US Secret Service, the FBI, Scotland Yard, and the British police have arrested eight suspects from Britain after days of monitoring and a fierce struggle.

The hackers, aged between 18 and 26, were involved in sweeping attacks on mobile phones and SIMs. The suspects used to deactivate and hack the SIM cards of the victims’ phones.

Hackers would transfer this number to a SIM controlled by their criminal network and then receive the rest of the chords via SMS and emails, using the changed password function on the app.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) says that in some cases, investigators reached out to hackers before they were targeted and turned off their mobile phones before hacking.

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