China and Iran have signed a 25-year-long agreement to further strengthen economic and political ties.

Reuters reports that the two countries, which are subject to US sanctions, have signed a 25-year agreement to further strengthen their long-standing ties.

China-Iran sign 25-year cooperation agreement
China-Iran sign 25-year cooperation agreement | PC: AFP

The agreement was signed in the Iranian capital, Tehran, and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said relations between the two countries had now reached the level of a strategic partnership.

He said China wants relations with Iran to improve effectively.

“Our relations with Iran will not be affected by the current situation, but will be permanent and strategic,” he said.

“Iran makes independent decisions in its relations with other countries and is not like some countries that change their position on a phone call,” he said.

With the agreement between the two countries, Iran has joined the multibillion-dollar Belt and Road infrastructure project, which aims to expand from East Asia to Europe.

In the past, China has repeatedly spoken out against US sanctions on Iran, which is why Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif called China a friend of difficult times.

The Chinese Foreign Minister, who is in Iran, also met with President Hassan Rouhani, and the agreement is expected to include Chinese investment in energy and infrastructure.

President Hassan Rouhani praised China’s move in support of Iran’s position on the 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, in which Iran agreed to limit its nuclear program in exchange for lifting global sanctions.

According to the official website, Hassan Rouhani said that cooperation between the two countries is very important for the implementation of the nuclear deal and fulfillment of the commitments of European countries.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, quoting the new US administration, said the United States was reviewing its policy under the new administration and its return to the nuclear deal, and China welcomed his move.

He said more vaccines for the coronavirus would be provided to Iran, which is the most affected country in the Middle East.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzada said the agreement was a “roadmap” for trade, economic, and communications co-operation between the two countries and focused on the two countries’ private sectors.

It may be recalled that Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif had said in July last year that talks were underway between Iran and China for a 25-year agreement, the terms of which would be announced after the agreement is reached.

“With confidence and confidence, we are negotiating a 25-year strategic agreement with China, Iran’s main trading partner,” Zarif told parliament.

He said the nation would be informed when the agreement was reached, adding that the announcement was made during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Tehran in January 2016.

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