BEIJING: A man climbed a power pole in China for unknown reasons, causing a power outage across the city.

According to the Chinese media report People’s Daily China, a man climbed a power pole in the Chengdu area of ​​southwest China’s Sichuan Province for unknown reasons.

Chinese man climbs on a pole

When the local power supply company was notified, the area was immediately cut off to save the man’s life.

The entire city was plunged into darkness after the company cut off the power, and 10,000 homes were cut off. Police rescued the man and took him off the pole and transferred him to the police station.

The state-run news agency strongly warned citizens to refrain from doing so, as it could be too dangerous. Police did not say why the citizen climbed the pole but said it had launched an investigation.

The power supply company apologized to the consumers and said that if they did not suspend the supply, there was a danger of death of the citizen, in view of which the power was cut off in the area.

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