Confirmation of the death of four Chinese soldiers in the clash with India, but how many Indian soldiers were actually killed? Details in public

BEIJING – China has revealed that four of its soldiers were killed and one seriously injured in a battle on the border with India last year. There was a battle in Gulwan, the details of which have come to light, and all five Chinese soldiers were honored.

The PLA newspaper was quoted as saying that the Central Military Commission had declared the five soldiers as heroes guarding the border.

PLA Xinjiang Military Command awarded the Hero Award to Qi Faba, a Regimental Commander who was injured in the incident. Battalion Commander Chen Hongjin was also honored the same award after his death. The slain Chinese Xiangrong, Xiaohuxian, and Wang Zhuhran were also awarded high-level awards. Chinese state media said the men were killed fighting foreign troops crossing the Chinese border.

According to the details, at least 20 Indian soldiers were also killed in the disputed area for the first time in 45 years. According to reports, soldiers from both sides pelted each other with stones and nailed each other.

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